European Sciences review

Scientific journal

№ 3–4 2018 (March–April)


Ryabceva Yulia Sergeevna,

doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D),

Head of the Scientific-Research Laboratory

“Live Country”, Agri Research Foundation


Abstract: The efficiency of Bombus terrestris colonies pollinating the sweet cherry orchards was studied in two locations of Ukraine: Novoselki village, Kyiv region (Institute of Horticulture, National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine), and Sadove village, Zaporizhia region (Producing and commercial company “Melitopol cherry” Ltd). In the study of the bumblebee flying activity, it was established that the insects remained active during the whole day in spring if the temperature was stable. Our observations confirm that the bumblebees successfully pollinate the plants in the overcast weather, starting at the temperature threshold of 8 °C, which is especially important for pollination of the outdoor crops.

Bumblebee colonies provided a significant increase in the yield of sweet cherry by 29.93% (Sadove village), and by 503% (Novoselki village). This incredible increase in the latter yield is caused by the timely and high-quality pollination of flowers by bumblebees, counteracting to a degree the unfavorable spring weather conditions of 2017 in Kyiv region.

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Bumblebees “Dziva Krayina” pollinate blueberries on the Blue Berry Company fields

We are not tired of admiring the diligence of our bumblebees. This time our bumblebees pollinate blueberry flowers on the BlueBerry Company berry plantations. BlueBerry Company grows berries of blueberries in the ecologically clean area of ​the Transcarpathian region.

Vibration is the main and mandatory moment of effective and complete pollination for blueberries. It ensures a faster (up to several days) maturation. Only bumblebees can provide high-quality vibrational pollination.

The increase in blueberries yield with bumblebees pollination is 20% or more. Berries grow larger, sweeter, tasty and with a more delicate skin.

Blueberry Pollination

These photos from the blueberries fields of the company “Betek” where our bumblebees work right now.

BETEK Company ( is one of the largest producers and suppliers of fresh berries to the CIS countries and Europe. The main direction of production is the cultivation of the blueberry garden.

As a result of pollination by bumblebees, blueberries are well formed. We analyzed the flight activity of bumblebees, which turned out to be quite high: 12 sorties/departures in 5 minutes, all foragers returning with a big amount of pollen.

We noticed that our wooden hive functioned very well in spring hot days – the bumblebee families felt comfortable and did not overheat.

Bumblebees on the blackberry fields

Blackberries, the same as raspberries, have a complex fruit. The berry ripens ring-shaped and continues this process for several days. Therefore, to form a full-fledged fruit, it needs several bumblebees visits.

Due to pollination, the number of seeds and the total weight of berries increases.

“Dziva Krayina” bumblebees work on the fields of the blackberry farm “Grass Avenue”. You can find berries on sale under the trademark STARBERRY.

Bumblebees in young apricot and plum gardens

Spring has come and, with the beginning of flowering fruit trees, our bumblebees are beginning to work actively in open fields and in gardens.

In the photo, bumblebee hives of the “Dziva Krayina” in the young apricot and plum gardens of Greenline, which grows a variety of fruit trees on the Bukovina fertile lands on the Dniester banks.


В опылении малины играет важную роль перекрестное опыление с помощью насекомых.

Качественное опыление способствует получению максимальных показателей урожая малины лучшего качества: крупные плоды с минимальным количеством дефектов.

Плоды, возникшие в результате работы шмелей, более ароматные, большие и дольше сохраняются.

Pollinating of the Styrian Gold Pumpkin

Our client company Goldenkern group – one of the largest producers and sellers of high-quality pumpkin seeds and oil. They use bumblebees from “Dziva Krayina” for pollinating of the Styrian Gold Pumpkin.

It is important for the pumpkin plants to have quickly and qualitatively pollination for the flowers. As you know, bumblebees are the best pollinators of pumpkin flowers due to the peculiarities of their structure; heavy and sticky pollen that cannot be carried by the wind.

Pollination in greenhouses

Even in the harshest month of winter, our bumblebee families continue to work in greenhouses on various cultures –  peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, garden strawberries.

In the photo: the installation of bumblebee hives “Dziva Krayina” in the greenhouses of the “Dneprovskij Teplichnyj Kombinat” on cucumbers and tomatoes.

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Про те, як вирощують джмелів для запилення в Україні, навіщо це потрібно і чому недостатньо природного запилення розповів Тижневику “2000” виконавчий директор АДФ «Жива Країна» Богдан Мазницький.

Джмелі “Живої країни” здорові на 100%!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Ukrainian and Russian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in this site default language. You may click one of the links to switch the site language to another available language.

Ми регулярно перевіряємо здоров’я наших джмелиних сімей.

Останній ветеринарний сертифікат, який ми отримали від Державної лабораторії, показує, що наші джмелі абсолютно здорові.

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