Agro Research Foundation “Dziva Krayina”

Group of scientists, managers and agrarians who have united with the purpose of the research, promotion and implementation of ecological agriculture practices.
Our story began with a research of the problem of reducing populations of the natural pollinators as a result of the use of the chemical fertilizers and remedies. Further – the extinction of useful entomophags. It is logical that in the short term we “came” to the need of biologization agriculture in general and to the problems that interfere its implementation.

Researches of the “Dziva Krayina” have found supporters and our mission – to unite all indifferent people for the synergy of scientific advances, investments and marketing.

The first Ukrainian bumblebee farm was founded in the Muzychi village (Kiev region) in May 2015. Observation of bumblebees were made in our nature and their behaviour was compared with various representatives of commercial pollinators in other regions and their unique pairs.

Our biologists conducted balanced selection of material, the quality of bumblebee queens, their fertility and characteristics of offspring. We got the first generation of our own bumblebees as a result of laboratory selection. Conditions of insect habitats on the farm are as close to their familiar environment as possible. Year development cycle, hibernation and mating technology were fully reproduced.
Our bumblebees-pollinators demonstrated high works indicators in the first season. Now we offer the second generation of the families.

In 2017 scientists of the “Dziva Krayina” plan a series of experiments for field crops, the study of other, habitual to Ukrainian ecological biocenosis, pollinators and their search for the perfect combination – in order to improve harvest in such a natural and simple way.

"Dziva Krayina" bumblebee families are released
in unique handmade hives of own production
Material - plywood.

Plywood ensures dryness and heat insulation in cold and wet weather and protects the bumblebee family from the sudden changes in temperature and precipitation. Ecological and biodegradable material allows to dispose of used hives easily and without harm to the environment. Without the paint, lacquer or any other chemicals.

The foil which reflects sunlight

Overheating accelerates the development and growth of the family, which leads to premature "crowding" the hive and reduces the work efficiency


Entrances adjust the direction of family movement, allow to close and move the hive of bumblebees in the case of the field chemical treatments

with sugar syrup  

Weight of the hive with the syrup is an average of 2.7 kg


Not a single nail or glue. Beehive is easily assembled and can be easily disassembled for recycling

Blue colour

In case of poor lighting bumblebee eyes distinguish blue segment of the spectrum better, therefore bumblebees can find such a hive even in rain and cloudy weather, and even in the plastic greenhouse which lacks of UV rays