How it works

Order hives in advance to set them for 3-7 days before flowering (open fields) or from the moment of opening of flowers (greenhouses)

Open fields

3-7 days



Place the hive in the culture immediately after delivery and no later than the next day.

Use the instructions and follow the recommendations

Install the hive at a height of 1-1.5 m
above ground level

Install the hive horizontally,
without tilting



Protect the hive from
direct sunlight and condensation


Protect bumblebee family from ants



Hives installation for open fields and greenhouses


                                            Place from 3 to 9 bumblebee families per hectare in the pollination process in the open fields.                                                                        Install 3 hives nearby to each other. Hive entrance should be directed in different directions.                                     The best to install hives with hive entrances to the east and/or south.

Bumblebee’s start work


Open the hive entrance is in the early morning, but not earlier than 2 hours after installation.
Bumblebees begin work on pollination immediately after the flyby of the territory.

Efficient work of bumblebees


It is important to provide the best climatic conditions for the collection of high quality pollen (temperature, humidity, and water supply to the plants affect the attractiveness of pollen for bumblebees) to bumblebees be effective.
Optimal conditions for the bumblebees: temperature 10-28 ° C. The activity of pollination family will be 8-10 weeks under normal conditions. The family can be further developed under favorable conditions.


Caution! Chemicals!

The use of chemicals for plant protection can harm bumblebees. During the chemical processing all bumblebees have to be locked inside the hive and removed from the field/greenhouse.
Before using a chemical product open the hive entrance is on the position when bumblebees can enter, but not leave the hive. 
Please wait 3-4 hours, when all the bumblebees return to the hive. Close the entrances. Before using a chemicals the hive must be closed completely. Then remove the family from the greenhouse/open field.
It is important to install the hive in its place after chemical treatment. Do not remove a hive from the greenhouse/field for a period of more than 3 days.
Recommended security measures


Use protective clothing and a beekeeper’s hat when working with bumblebees



Avoid sudden movements, noise and strong odors when working with bumblebees




During hive displacement, its entrances must be tightly closed


After the completion of the bumblebees life cycle their hives can be disposed
(buried in the ground or burnt)